Erli Grünzweil Diploma - Consider Things
Michael Giefing THINGS - Desktop
Pia Heer THINGS - Working on layers II
Workshop Rottingdean Bazaar Projekt DER STANDARD / RONDO
Oskar Ott THINGS - Monobloc
Applied Photography X Collection and Archive Collaborative semester project
Lea Sonderegger Diploma - norm
Luca Mueller + Fritz Kargl with Yilya Hlazun MATCH
Philip Testinis Diploma - Unkown Polyphenism
Lydia Naomi Knöbl THINGS - reshape
Dalmonia Rognean THINGS - When the old river turns, we hide, we seek
Interview Günter Faulwetter
Magdalena Chan + Elif Gündüz with Alisa Tegin MATCH
Dalmonia Rognean + Roozbeh Gholami with Marily Elmeyoglou MATCH
Moritz Franz Zangl THINGS - 80 pictures of collected items
Nico Pistec THINGS - Give me the simple life
Luca Celine Müller THINGS - Observation of a shell
Rea Djurovic + Elif Gündüz + Pia Heer with Oliver Kuzma MATCH
Marie Luise Baumschläger with Pouran Parvizi MATCH
Roozbeh Gholami THINGS - From Objects to Things
Marija Dondovic+Aaron-Gaab+Hanna Bernhardt+Oskar Ott with Jun Takeuchi MATCH
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Workshop Rottingdean Bazaar